About me:

I am retired and now living in the Village of Elton PA (pop. 219), which leaves me free to pursue my true life’s work as a fine-art photographer and science
jock. Philosophically I am a Victorian era scientist with some 21st century equipment. I have a domed observatory in my backyard, a microbiology lab in
one spare bedroom, and a photographic studio in another.

My astronomy history:

Served as the A.L.P.O. (Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers) Coordinator of Lunar Topographical Studies and editor of The Lunar Observer from
1995 until 2008 at which time I became the Assistant Coordinator.

President of the American Lunar Society and editor of the journal Selenology (2000 thru 2005).

In 2003, sponsored by Robert Garfinkle & Ewen Whitaker, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (UK).

In 2006 was the recipient of A.L.P.O.’s Walter H. Haas Award.
Click button to see an article on the NASA website about my involvement in the Lunar Prospector Program.

 was a link to my personal eMail box (no longer active)
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