The Elton Moonshine Observatory is located in Elton Pennsylvania (population 218) and was constructed in May 1999.
It was prefabricated by Boyd Observatories of Michigan (no longer in business) and assembled by a small local construction company
(a couple of guys) on a 4" cement pad. The observatory is 7-1/2 feet high and 7-1/2 feet in diameter with a manually rotated dome.

Because of local geological conditions a central pier could not be sunk so the telescope sits on a standard field tripod
with vibration damper pads under each leg. This "Plan B" arrangement has proven to be quite satisfactory.
Click this button to see the equipment used in the observatory.
Building the frame
Pouring the pad
Unloading the truck
Checking the parts
Erecting the walls
Setting the dome
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